Not half bad. ;3

Let’s go again and I’ll show you how good I can be when not drunk. ;D


-walks off to do so-

Sora or Vanitas 8D

"Vanitas. Sora is a wimp."

protecting Namine or becoming the real Riku

" I will protect Namine at any costs, even if I am not the real Riku."

Olette or a Muffin Bl

A muffin.


M/A! You're now a bird! Flyy away~

Tch, no, anon. BI

/randomly gives him a lollipop

Heh, thank you, Xion.

M!A: make that 3 days then~ <3

[[starting tomorrow? ;D  
i closed for my work tonight, close tomorrow and thurs. that way i have almost allll day on thursday and on friday. hehe! >:3 ]]

M!A: You believe you are married to Sora no matter what the real Riku says. You are also very flirtatious towards him. end tonight *poof*

What?! Fuck thi-

[[ ooc: can we make this till tomorrow night? xD  i worked all night tonight, so ja. cx ]]

Replica Riku. This is a hard character to play. Seeing you play it is amazing. I'm impressed that you would choose such a difficult character. I hope you feel welcome to the family and have a blast with us. You are also a beautiful and talented Mun <3

[[ooc: OH GOD WHAT. >////<
lemme love you, anonnn!  He isn’t too bad for me to play, so far. Fujin was harder when I rp’d as her. OTL
thank youuuu <3 ]]